silly, spooky ... terror?

A co-worker asked me recently if I grew up celebrating Halloween and I responded with an emphatic yes. We had so much fun dressing up and getting LOADS of candy. Each year was a little different, but I have a lot of fun memories of silly haunted houses and awesome costumes.

We both think it's hilarious to see how creative people can be with costumes -- and we agreed that trick or treating is a complete blast for most kids. Also, spooky haunted houses, carving pumpkins and fall carnivals are often just excuses to have fun which launches many Texas towns into two to three months of awesome fall festivities.

But the more we discussed, something came out of my mouth that surprised both of us. I explained that a holiday of spookiness can be really fun and silly when you come from a mindset of being loved and cared for in safe environment.  Genuinely feeling protected and comforted by loved ones can insulate you from fear and help you recover quickly after being slightly spooked.  But if your daily life is or was at any time loaded with unsafe people and places -- then a holiday like Halloween can often make you feel hunted, bullied or just plain angry.

That may sound dramatic to someone who grew up in a relatively safe neighborhood and home, but someone who has been abused, tortured or terrified at any point in their life -- that might just be accurate.

I guess in the midst of holiday that stirs up lots of mixed emotions --try to be sensitive to friends, co-workers and neighbors that may have different upbringings than yourself.  Kids especially have different responses to all kinds of stuff, so please be tender towards young imaginations.

Here's a clip that may express some of my heart for this holiday.  Just empower people to not give in to fear!! :)